Friday, July 25, 2014

New Flipboard magazine

I have created a new Flipboard magazine to hold, only, the very best articles about AX development. 

You can read it here:

Feel free to drop me a note at if you think I have missed a good article.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Packt's 10 Year Celebration Campaign

Packt Publishing is celebrating their first ten years by offering all its eBooks and Videos at 10$ each until July 5th.

So this is a good opportunity to get any of their Dynamics AX books you are missing in your electronic library. 

Click here to take advantage of the offer:

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Book review: Customer Success with Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step

Customer Success with Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step is essential an updated version of the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step 2010 book from 2011. The extent of updated material seems to be quite comprehensive though.

The book starts out giving some background about methodology and about why you'd want to follow a methodology. And it describes some of the major recognized methodologies for business solution projects. If you only have limited theoretical project background, this is very helpful to understand what the project stake holders discuss and why your role does what it does within a project. 

Further the book goes through some theories about selling business solutions, before it moves on to actually dealing with the project implementation. In the major middle part you're walked through all the actual implementing phases as they are addressed with Sure Step.

Finally the books rounds off with a practical guide with good insights to implementing Sure Step.

No matter what role you find yourself in on a Dynamics project being implemented with Sure Step, you can find some useful information from this book. 

You can read more about the book, read sample chapters and buy the book from Packt Publishing here:

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Expressions in the query dialog

Pressed for an answer from a customer, I today tried something that I don't think I have tried before, and that is to use a query expression directly from the query dialog. To my surprise it actually works.

Below screenshot is from AX 2009, but it also works in AX 2012.

Read more about query expressions here.

Enhanced Session Mode in the new AX2012 R3 demo Hyper-V

The new demo image supports Enhanced Session Mode, which gives you a more Remote Desktop like connection when you connect directly from the Hyper-V Manager. For example you can choose a screen resolution.

Read more about Enhanced Session Mode Overview.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Read mails from a POP3 account with AX

Often when you browse lists of new AX features and AOT objects, you stumble across something that makes you a bit curious.

In R3 I came across some Brazilian functionality where AX connects to an e-mail account, fetches some official government issued files and processes these.

So AX can read e-mails, eh!?

Oh yes, and the Brazilian stuff is backed by a very nice basic framework for doing so.

Here is a very simple piece of code to show how it works.
static void Job1(Args _args)
    SysEmailAccount         sysEmailAccount;
    SysEmailAccountList     sysEmailAccountList = SysEmailAccountList::construct();
    SysEmailReader          sysEmailReader      = SysEmailReader::construct();
    SysEmailMessageReadList sysEmailMessageReadList;
    SysEmailMessageRead     sysEmailMessageRead;
    // Setup the account
    sysEmailAccount = SysEmailAccount::newAccount('', '', 'your_password', 995, true);
    // Add the account to a list of accounts to be checked
    // Get a list of unread meassages
    sysEmailMessageReadList = sysEmailReader.getUnreadEmailMessages(sysEmailAccountList);
    // Loop over the list of unread mesages
    while (sysEmailMessageReadList.moveNext())
        // Get the current message from the message loop
        sysEmailMessageRead = sysEmailMessageReadList.current();
        // Work with this message(show the subject line)
        info (sysEmailMessageRead.parmSubject());
In a production environment you should of course not keep your account and password in clear text. Look into how the framework works with encrypted values for these, by checking the Brazilian feature.

I tried to test this with my account. If you do that and you have two-step verification turned on, you need to turn off two-step verification while testing or create a new app password to login with. Remember to enable two-step verification again if you disable it.

Also I tried to read messages with the Danish letters "ÆØÅ" - that didn't come out nicely. You probably need to do some extra work with the received text to set the right encoding. I didn't look into this and I'd love to hear if someone does.

In AX under "System administration / Setup / System / E-mail client constraints" you can find some setting of importance to this feature.