Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Spell checking from AX

The AX class SysSpellChecker is a wrapper for the spellchecker of Word. Using this class you can offer spellchecking from AX.

Here is some sample code, checking text from a form string control:

SysSpellChecker spellChecker = SysSpellChecker::newCurrentLanguage();
TextBuffer textBuffer = new TextBuffer();
int wordStart;
int startSeparator;
int endSeparator;
str wordToCheck;
List spellingSuggestions;
ListEnumerator listEnumerator;
setPrefix("Spell check");
startSeparator = 1;

while (startSeparator)
wordStart = textBuffer.find('[^ \n\t\\<\\>\\!\\\'\\\\\\#\\¤\\%\\&\\/\\(\\)\\=\\?\\,\\.\\:\\;\\*\\}\\{\\]', startSeparator) ? textBuffer.matchPos():0;

if (!wordStart)

endSeparator = textBuffer.find('[ \n\t\\<\\>\\!\\\'\\\\\\#\\¤\\%\\&\\/\\(\\)\\=\\?\\,\\.\\:\\;\\*\\}\\{\\]', wordStart)? textBuffer.matchPos():0;

wordToCheck = textBuffer.subStr(wordStart, (endseparator ? endseparator : textBuffer.size()+1) - wordStart);

if (spellChecker.checkSpelling(wordToCheck) == false)
warning (strfmt("@SYS84009", wordToCheck));
spellingSuggestions = spellChecker.getSpellingSuggestions(wordToCheck);
listEnumerator = spellingSuggestions.getEnumerator();

while (listEnumerator.moveNext())
info (strFmt("Suggestion: %1", listEnumerator.current()));
startSeparator = endSeparator;


info ("Spell check done");


Unfortunately there is a bug in the checkSpelling method of the COM object from Word, so it will always use the default language of your Office setup as the language to check your text against. So you can't spellcheck for other languages than your default language of Office. You can change the default language from the Office Tools however.