Friday, October 31, 2008

Setting up E-mail parameters on the AX 2009 VPC July 2008 image

In order to send e-mail within this image, you need to setup SMTP parameters in AX:

Go to Administration / Setup / E-mail parameters:

Default in the form you'll find the follwing settings:
SMTP port number: 25
Attachment size limit (MB): 10

Enter the following new values:
Outgoing mail server:
Local computer name: dynamicsvm

And here is a small job to see if mail can be sent:

static void testMail(Args args)
SysMailer   sysMailer = new SysMailer();

sysMailer.quickSend("", "", "Subject", "Body");

Please note that the test mail might end up in your Outlook junk-mail folder.