Friday, October 31, 2008

Setting up E-mail parameters on the AX 2009 VPC July 2008 image

In order to send e-mail within this image, you need to setup SMTP parameters in AX:

Go to Administration / Setup / E-mail parameters:

Default in the form you'll find the follwing settings:
SMTP port number: 25
Attachment size limit (MB): 10

Enter the following new values:
Outgoing mail server:
Local computer name: dynamicsvm

And here is a small job to see if mail can be sent:

static void testMail(Args args)
SysMailer   sysMailer = new SysMailer();

sysMailer.quickSend("", "", "Subject", "Body");

Please note that the test mail might end up in your Outlook junk-mail folder.


juanan169 said...

Hello, it's posible send mails in AX 2009 without SMTP server.

Could i send mails with

Sorry for my bad english and thanks.

Palle Agermark said...

You would imaging that would be possible. Why don't you try it?

Here's some information from Google about using their SMTP service:


Palle Agermark said...

Also it's possible in AX 2009 to send mail via Outlook. It depends on what code you use.