Monday, January 5, 2009

Bug in EP 2009 when having the debug flag set to true

When you use lookups that are built as user controls, you can get an error like the following error when you cancel the lookup:

A Runtime Error has occured
Line: 198
Error: Sys.ArgumentNull
Exception: Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: panelsDeleting[10]

Here are repro steps to see the bug in Shop Floor Control, which currently seems to be the only place having lookups built as user controls:
  1. Open EP for an employee setup for SFC
  2. Go to Shop Floor Control (This puts you in the Electronic timecard)
  3. Click the "Lock" button
  4. Click "Add lines"
  5. Open the lookup for Reference
  6. Close the lookup without selecting anything, by clicking the webpage somewhere not in the lookup
  7. Try to use any other lookup or move to another record in the grid, if you have more than one line in the grid
The bug is related to a bug in AJAX when it runs in debug mode. If you have debug="true" in the web.config file, change it to debug="false".