Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Possible upgrade bug in \Classes\ReleaseUpdateDB41_Administration\renumberEPParametersKey

This method doesn't check if you have and Enterprise Portal (EP) license and thus it doesn't verify that the EP tables exists in your database.

In case you don't have EP it will fail, saying it doesn't know the EPPARAMETERS table. You can ignore this job, even outcomment it, if you don't have EP enabled.

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Anonymous said...

I do have EP license for Ax 2009 but still this method is getting invoked during PreSynchronization DBUpgrade cockpit. but, the Ax4.01 db which i am pointing to for Ax 2009 upgradation was not a part of EP.

I think, as the new Ax 2009 license has contained EP feature, so, its invoking the method "renumberEPParametersKey()".

I outcommented this method, and re-run the failed script, It worked!!!

But, there is an error is coming regarding tables : InventPickingListJournalLine & InventPickingListTrans which are there in Ax 4.0 but not there in ax 2009. And error is prompting in the method: InventMovement -> constructNoThrow during PostSynchronization data upgrade cockpit.

How to fix this kind of problem. Pls guide.