Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Document management on Return Order may apply documents to wrong record

The following bug applies to AX 2009 application build number 5.0.1500.809 and earlier.

When you attach a document or note through document management to a return order line, the document or note might be attached to the current inventory dimension record rather than the return order line.

Repro steps:

  1. Open a new or existing return order from Accounts Receivable / Common Forms / Return order details
  2. Go to the lines of the order
  3. Make one of the inventory dimension fields active, for example Configuration
  4. Activate document management and a note.
  5. Save and close the document management form.
  6. Make a non-inventory dimension field active.
  7. Activate document management, and observer that you don't see you note.
  8. Close document management again.
  9. Make again one of the inventory dimension fields active.
  10. Open document management, and observe that the note now is displayed.

To fix the issue, the ReturnTable form should have a docCursor method similar to the docCursor method on the SalesTable form.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Longer Support Timelines for Key Microsoft Dynamics Service Packs

See the old and the new timelines here:

Troubleshooting missing EP Development Tools

If you cant see the Dynamics AX Web Project template in Visual Studio, please go through the following list:
  1. Read the blog article "EP Visual Studio Add-In" to check if all components are correctly installed.
    As you can read in the article you must copy the installed templates from the My Documents folder of the user who installed the EP Developer Tools. The files and locations are listed in the article.
  2. You may need to refresh Visual Studios cache of templates after copying them:Open the Visual Studio command prompt (Start \ Programs \ Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 \ Visual Studio Tools \ Visual Studio 2008 Command Prompt) and type devenv /installvstemplates.
  3. If you still don't see the template, remember that you need to select C# as your project programming language before it shows up.
If you can see the template but can't connect to the AX AOS from Visual Studio check the following:
  1. Check that .NET Business Connector has been correctly installed and that the configuration points to the correct AOS instance.
    Check that the user you run Visual Studio with, has login and proper development permissions in AX.
  2. Check that the "Dynamics AX Enterprise Portal Tools" Add-in is correctly installed in Visual Studio. Open Visual Studio / Tools / Add-in Manager to verify that Add-in is correctly installed and configured. If you can't see it, you must reinstall the EP Development Tools.
Additional troubleshooting: