Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Identifying the current application environment

There is a ton of ways you can identify what application you are running, when running an application from a set of similar environments like "Development", "Test", "Staging" and so on.

So here's a new suggestion on how you can setup identification like this, without any custom coding in the application: Add the identifier to your Role Center.

Here's how to add the text:
  • Open your Role Center
  • Click Personalize this Page
  • Click Add a Web Part in the zone where you want the identifier to appear
  • Add the Content Editor Web Part
  • Click the "open the tool pane" link that appears in the web part
  • Click Rich Text Editor
  • Add and format a text. For example "You are in the TEST application"
  • Click Save
  • Open the Appearance node
  • Enter a meaningfull title to replace "Content Editor Web Part"
  • Click OK
  • Click Exit Edit Mode (to the upper right)