Monday, May 23, 2011

Book review: Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step 2010

This book is really helpful if you work with Dynamics and need to use Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step for your implementations. It’s a beautiful match for the material you can pick up online from Microsoft, adding background information, going into depth in relation to the online material and adding practical information to get going.
The first chapters of the book provides excellent background information if you are not too familiar with project management and ERP or CRM implementations using a model like Sure Step.
The middle of the book goes into depth with each of the Sure Step project phases and goes into depth with the Sure Step optimization offerings as well as areas around upgrade projects and project change management.
Finally the books gives you a practical guide to adopt Sure Step in your organization.
One of the authors have experience from with Microsoft, working with different aspect of developing the model. So the stuff in this book comes straight from the horse’s mouth.
If you’re quick the book is on sale from the publisher, Packt Publishing, for the rest of the month. Their other excellent Dynamics book are also on sale just now. Click this link to get to the campaign.