Friday, February 10, 2012

Inserting code snippets in the AX 2012 X++ editor

In the AX 2012 X++ you can quickly insert fragments of code to avoid tedious typing, such as typing for a loop.

To insert a snippet, you must enter the snippets alias (which is usually the first symbol of the code), and press tab. For example, typing switch followed by tab, gives you this snippet:
switch ()
    case :

    case :

I don't have a clear picture of all the available aliases, but these work:
  • switch
  • for
  • do
  • while
  • try
In the regular Visual Studio editor you can add your own code snippets. I haven't figured out yet, if this is also possible for the X++ editor.

UPDATE: Brandon, a fellow blogger, wrote a great blog post about these scripts: AX 2012 - xppSource Exposed: Inserting code snippets