Thursday, January 17, 2013

AxUtilLib.dll issue with .NET 4

On his blog, Joris de Gruyter has described an issue with the .NET version of model files, preventing you from importing a model.

Here is a possible way of changing the RunTime version of the model file to 2.0, so you can import the model.

You'll need a tool from Microsoft Research, called ILMerge. You can download it from here:

Once downloaded and installed (it installs to C:\Program files (x86)\Microsoft\ILMerge) you can change the target version from the command prompt, like this:

ILMerge mymodel.axmodel /targetplatform:2.0 /out:mynewmodel.axmodel
You can use the ILSpy tool to verify the target platform. Get it here:


Joris de Gruyter said...

Nice. I'll post a link to here as a comment on my blog post on this subject.

Unknown said...

I have been using this a number of times. Now is the time to thank you for the info. Thanks for sharing:-)

RUSDAX said...