Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Send mail with SMTP through the cloud

I was browsing the services available in connection with Windows Azure and stumbled across a service for delivering e-mails.

In demos, sandboxes, test systems, and sometimes in production systems at clients, it can be difficult to get access to a SMTP relay server. With this service, I can just setup AX to point to their STMP relay server.

The service is called SendGrid. They have a variety of plans and one of these is free, but limiting you to send "only" up to 200 mails a day.

You can sign up either through your Azure account if you have one, or directly from SendGrids site. You can get a free MSDN Azure account, with limitations, depending on what kind of MSDN subscription you have. 

Here's a sample setup in AX:

Here's a post showing how to quickly test that you can send mail: