Monday, January 20, 2014

Relations to field id's and the data export framework

In AX 2012 there is no guarantee that id's are the same between otherwise similar applications. So when you have a reference to a field id in your data, that reference may be broken when you import data again.

But it seems like the framework is able to handle this issue, if you just give it a helping hand.

Consider a table like this:

When trying to export this table, you will get a few errors:

What I need to do, is to add a field holding the id for table of the field id reference, and add both fields to a field group (allowing the framework to figure out that these two fields are related):

I can't find any documentation about this behavior. If you know of any, please comment. 


Jan B. Kjeldsen said...

The RefTableId field might be avoided if a proper relation is defined on the table.

Paulo said...

Hey Palle,
is this post related to the Test Data Transfer Tool or what do you mean with "data Export Framework"?
Kind Regards,

Palle Agermark said...

Neither, actually :-)

This is related to the data export and import feature which have always been in the product.