Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Book review: Customer Success with Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step

Customer Success with Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step is essential an updated version of the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step 2010 book from 2011. The extent of updated material seems to be quite comprehensive though.

The book starts out giving some background about methodology and about why you'd want to follow a methodology. And it describes some of the major recognized methodologies for business solution projects. If you only have limited theoretical project background, this is very helpful to understand what the project stake holders discuss and why your role does what it does within a project. 

Further the book goes through some theories about selling business solutions, before it moves on to actually dealing with the project implementation. In the major middle part you're walked through all the actual implementing phases as they are addressed with Sure Step.

Finally the book rounds off with a practical guide with good insights to implementing Sure Step.

No matter what role you find yourself in on a Dynamics project being implemented with Sure Step, you can find some useful information from this book. 

You can read more about the book, read sample chapters and buy the book from Packt Publishing here: