Thursday, March 12, 2015

Endless loop: AX tries to compile form and crashes

I have tried this a couple of times now on AX 2012 R3.

I need to do major changes to a form, and during the work it is convenient for me to try and compile the form to get an idea about what I still miss to fix. Sometimes the compilation however makes the AX client crash.

The darnedest thing is that AX automatically tries to compile the same form when I restart the client, still resulting in a client crash. So what to do?

My new best friend, Set-AXModelStore -InstallMode comes to the rescue, allowing me to open the client without it starting to compile the form. See my earlier post about Set-AXModelStore -InstallMode comming to the rescue.


Flemming Gregersen said...

It is not actually compile time as loops, but the export of the AX form. If you use version control as e.g. TFS - AX exports the elements after the compilation. You can therefore press Ctrl+Break during startup and by that "cut" the connection to TFS.

The problem with compilations loop occurs when you copy a field-group-control and change the field group.

Palle Agermark said...

Thank you for clarifying this odd issue :-)