Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Quick import of new label files

I'm on a project where we have added some new languages to AX, and to have a starting point we need to import new label files for these languages. We need for example to import a new version of the SYS labels for the additional languages.

It turns out however, that for large label files the import is painfully slow. So I tried to figure out a safe way to trick AX to speed up this process.

This is the process I figured out:

  • Make sure that you are alone on the system.
  • Create a copy of the new ALD label file with only a few lines in it.
  • Import this new small label file via the AOT label file import.
  • Restart the AOS and Client (this may not be 100% necessary)
  • Overwrite the new label ALD file in the Server directory with the correct large label file.
  • To trigger that AX imports this new label file to the model store, make a correction to a single label, for example a Comment, from the new label file. Make the correction with the regular label editor from within the Client in AX.
  • Restart the AOS and the Client. 
Now you should see that AX pushes the large label file from the model store to the Server directory and if you export the label file again from the AOT, you should should see the large version being exported.