Monday, September 21, 2015

Huge transactionlogs when importing model stores

When you import a model store you'll notice that the SQL Server transactionlog file for the model store database will grow enormously.

You can avoid that by importing the model store to a new schema before applying it.

Check out Tommy Skaues article on how to do that:


Jan B. Kjeldsen said...

A SQL Server restore of the model database is the fastest option.

tommy.skaue said...

Thanks for the reference, Palle. :-)

Going through the Temp schema is my preferred way.

@Jan: Indeed a database backup and restore is faster, but you would need to be 100% sure it is safe in advance. I've seen this cause issues where the source was not prepared correctly (ie unexpected element conflicts). The benefit of using the AXUtil is that it will stop the process if it discovers any issues. SQL backup and restore is more brute force and good luck. :-)