Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Show the table browser in AX7

I just wanted to share this tip I have picked up from Marc Hugelshofer in a forum.

In your browser you can open the table browser by entering an URL that looks something like this:

https://(the url of your ax instance)/Default.htm?mi=SysTableBrowser&prt=initial&cmp=USMF&tablename=CustGroup&limitednav=true


Anonymous said...

Worked like a charm, thank you so much!

beeporama said...

Thanks for sharing. I picked this up secondhand as well, and wanted to see if it was documented anywhere, and came upon your blog... after a little research, I can say, the "prt=initial" and "limitednav=true" are optional and can probably be left out. So for example:

https://(the url of your ax instance)/Default.htm?mi=SysTableBrowser&cmp=USMF&tablename=CustGroup

prt is for (deprecated) partition functionality, and limitednav gets rid of filters and the navigation pane (which you might want, but probably not). On the other hand, you can also add lng=[language] to the URL if needed.

Credit to this blog post for helping me to understand the parameters:

And if you don't mind, my own post collecting this info: