Thursday, August 17, 2017

Package problem with LCS Code Upgrade to July 2017 release

If you get an error like "There is a problem with package 'ContactPerson'. Either the source version being upgraded from is incorrectly identified, or the target version has a package with the same name as a custom package." and you don't have a custom package of the same name, the solution could be the following.

In your existing source (Main branch) you should remove dependencies to the failing models from you model definitions. Check in the change and start the upgrade tool again.

When the upgrade tool is finished you should roll back your change in Main, to keep that branch working.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Database log changes in Update 8

Update 8 changes how the database log is logging changes to data. Before Update 8 this was handled through triggers in the kernel and then some application code.

In Update 8 this now happens on triggers created on the SQL Database for each table you enable logging on.

You can still find the old application code in Update 8, but it is not triggered anymore.

There is a bit more information on this community thread: