Monday, April 30, 2018

Why you can't setup sharing of customers and vendors in 8.0

The release notes for 8.0 says that you can now share customers and vendors with the data sharing feature. But it also says: "To enable this functionality, contact your Solution Architect, who will verify that your business requirements and data volumes will be acceptable for data sharing, and then enable the sharing policies in your environment".

So what does that mean?

Microsoft has started using a "flighting" concept where they add features on a release, but keep them turned of until activated for the tenant by Microsoft. This is something you can see Microsoft check in their code.

A new isFlightEnabled method on the Global class does the work of checking if a feature is enabled or not.

If you want to cheat a bit, you could probably add an event handler to this method and return true for the feature you want to enable. I haven't tried that though.

In class SysDataSharingValidation, method validateTableCanBeSharedWithPolicy, you can see an example of how this is called: