Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Team Manager license and the Regression Suite Automation Tool

You'll need a Test Manager license to create and maintain test plans (add or remove tests).

Test Manager is included in Visual Studio Enterprise and Visual Studio Test Professional. You can see pricing here:

Alternatively you can buy a Test Manager license as a standalone SKU. You can find pricing here:

Without the license you can still:
  • Create a new task recording, upload it to BPM and get it synchronized to Azure DevOps as a test.
  • Load the test plan into the Regression Suite Automation Tool, run the tests and investigate test results in Azure DevOps.
  • Update the tests with the artifacts generated by the tool. 

If you create a new test, and you don't have the license, you'll need someone with a license to add the test to a test plan.

Read more about the tool here:

You can down the installer and the manual here:


Ruchir said...

Hello, I was able to set up the automated testing but the main issue I have is this is being marketed as tool for business testing but the user that can log on to the Dynamics while automated run gets picked from the Regression tool settings page and that can only be an admin user on Dynamics. This massively restricts any business validation that can be done as a business user with appropriate security applied. Can you confirm if there is a way for acting as a business user to run the automated tests?


Palle Agermark said...

As I understand it, running as a business user is in their backlog.

Unknown said...
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