Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Look up the text for a label in other languages than en-us

The dev boxes only comes with source label files files for en-us, so finding a text from a label in another language is not easy.

You could use a tool like RedGate .NET Decompiler to decompile the dll's of the compiled label files.

But, new to me, you can also just use the Meta Data API of Dynamics like this example:
https://[baseuri]/Metadata/Labels(Id='@SYS333000', Language='da')

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Mötz Jensen said...

Interesting find!

You could also use the community tools to find the label you are looking for

Get-D365InstalledPackage | Get-D365PackageLabelFile -Language da | Get-D365Label -Name "@SYS333000"

Need to dig deeper into the meta data interface and see if we can utilize that directly from powershell.