Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Store your Remote Desktop connection files locally

Today we could experience yet an outtage on LCS, where LCS loses contact to the deployed environments. It took something like a days and a half before things were restored to normal operations.

This means that you can't see any environment details, download RDP files or perform any other environment actions from LCS.

The environments could be running, or you can start them from the Azure portal. But if you haven't stored correct credentials that doesn't get you very far with RDP.

To ensure I can continue development work during another outage likes this, I'll from now on be using a Remote Desktop manager for each of the environments I'm using. That allows me to have the RDP files locally incl. necessary credentials. I'm using the plain one from Microsoft:

The 2LCS tool allows you to easily export the RDP settings for an entire LCS project and add that to the manager.
2LCS is an open source, unsupported, tool maintained by Microsoft. You can get it from GitHub here:
The tool has several other nice features and is much faster to navigate in, compared to the sluggish LCS UI.

For the next outage, I'm prepared.

And for the record, a workaround to this type of issue could also be to add an additional administrator account to the machine from the Azure portal.