Thursday, June 24, 2021

Update status of deployment in DevOps

If you use DevOps pipelines to deploy packages, you probably know that the pipeline stages sometimes fail for reasons unknown, even when LCS actually does the deployment.

If you track deployments on your work items, it is quite annoying that the deployment is reported as failed in DevOps in this case.

Here is an idea to fix the status:

  • Open the related release pipeline from DevOps.
  • Open the failed release. 
  • Click Edit / Edit release.
  • Click Edit tasks on the failed Stage(s).
  • For each task clear the Enabled field under Control Options.
  • Save your changes and go back to the failed release.
  • Click Redeploy under each failed stage.

With all tasks disabled the stages are just marked as successful and tracking shows successful deployment of the work items associated with the triggering build.