Thursday, August 5, 2021

Improve searches in docs

The search experience at is not great. It is more like broken.

Here is how you can improve search with your favorite search engine. I'm using Edge/Bing for the example, but this can easily be changed to Chrome/Google.

  • Open Microsoft Edge
  • Open Settings
  • Open Privacy, search, and services
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom. To the Address bar and search section. And click on that.
  • Click Manage search engines.
  • Click Add and setup search like this:
    • Name = Bing D365FO (or whatever you fancy)
    • Keyword = d365fo (this is the shortcut you use in the browser to select this search. You can also name this differently if you want)
    • Site = (q=%s represents the query. I got the URL from doing a manual search on Bing as described below) 
  • Save
That is it. Now lets search for information about customization analysis reports (CAR) as an example. 

In the browsers address bar type your keyword, i.e. D365FO. It will notw ask you if it should use the search you just defined:

Click the button, and the search bar changes into this:

Type your query:

 And behold:

To do the same search, just manually, you can enter the following:

Now I challenge you try to find the same article with the built in search on docs, without typing the precise title of the article. If you can manage that, you are smarter than me (which doesn't say lot however).